Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 111 - 21st April 2013 - Daffodils and Chickadees

Sunrise looks beautiful this morning, am tempted to go catch some shots of it but can't get past Lexi, she's laying by my chair. Normally I wouldn't mind but at this hour of the morning I like to keep her on a leash just incase there are a few stray wild critters roaming back home. Looks like it's going to be a nice day, temperature is +3.3. Perhaps I can convince Larry to go on a beach trip sometime today. I know, we have lots to do but "all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl" or something like that.
Larry worked on his wood shed roof in the morning before the rain started hard, almost done. Good thing, this years supply arrived earlier in the week. You know it's a never ending process - wood delivered, 16' lengths, then cut and split it, put in wood shed and basement, by that time you have the fire going again. There is really only a few months of they year you don't have it going at all. Decided that a rainy afternoon would be best spent with a cup of tea, some chocolate and a book, but by suppertime I could have seriously curled up and had a nap. I resisted and went out for a short walk in the to shake the cobwebs from my head. By then the rain and begun to stop. Not a great day for photos, but I got a few in the morning.
 The first daffodil begins to open.
 You can always depend on a Chickadee for a photo!
 Doesn't matter how windy it is.
 Think I need to move these after they bloom they are right around the feeder, most of the winter I think the feeder sat on them.
 The color of sunshine and hope.
These little Goldfinches have certainly gotten their summer color. They are as bright as the daffodils now.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday!

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  1. A nice burst of colour lol. I have three dogs waiting to go play. Billy got up and let them out and fed them ...then he left for church lol. I think he likes having them kasey is crying by the door but not good on the belly running too soon after breakfast. Well it will be a busy week and a half lol but I am up for it. Kasey loves the company ;) hope you have a productive day "Jane"