Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 108 - 18th April 2013 - Town Ducks and Country Ducks

It's a nippy morning, temperature is -0.3 but is suppose to be a nice day. If that sun comes peeking out Lexi and I are going to spend a great deal of the day outside! Last few nights I've not been sleeping as well. Not really bad but restless throughout the night. Larry got the remainder of the old woodshed swept up and away. The plan is to put in a bit of a kitchen garden where that was. Something handy for salads, herbs etc. Nothing big - probably will feed the 2 deer we have.
Turned out to be a nice sunny day Wednesday. I was inside most of the day but did manage to take a stroll around the hood after supper. Actually it was more like a stroll and a crawl on my belly to a vantage point on some friends' deck on the lake. Thanks Mike and Susan for the wonderful hiding spot! We think Kate and William have finally set up housekeeping. Only one of them have been appearing the last two days which means that she's on the nest! Hopefully in 5 weeks or so we will see some baby royals around the lake. My Great Aunt Kay passed away yesterday, she was 91 and my Grandmother's sister. She was in a nursing home the last while which was not like her so her passing is a blessing. Kay was a vibrant active person all of her life, a retired school teacher, travelled the world and would have loved the idea of another Trudeau leading the Liberal Party. She loved her politics and her church - if you disagreed with either don't bring up the topics around her.
 Along the edge of the walk toward Dock Street.
 Hopefully they won't need this anymore this season.
 Out for our morning stroll.
 It's a one way street - you need to turn around!

She decided to the sidewalk was better.

 Three male Ringnecked Ducks. A new find for me.  These are my crawling shots, at least it wasn't bushes this time.
 I was sure this Mallard would send them flying, but he didn't.
Four males and one female. I know, I get excited but many of you aren't! There was also a female Common Merganser but no good shots of her.

Enjo your day!

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  1. Not a great way to hear of Mrs. B's passing.....had to take a little break there for a bit.....Mr.s B. was at the Vocational School when I attended. I had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for her. She said what she meant and meant what she said!! Having said that if she liked you well you had a friend for life. She actually phoned me after hearing of my sickness and the first time she saw me in town following surgery she hugged me. (I have a feeling that this was out of the norm for her to hug someone in public) it was heartfelt and meant the world to me. So now I am a little melancholy.....sorry for blogging on your blog. I am glad she got to survive to hear that Turdeau's offspring would be taking up the cause. Thank you so much for flowers and sure beats the heck out of chipmunks and those other birs :) I need a coffee or something stronger.........