Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 96 - 6th April 2013 - Mallards, Mergansers, Chipmunk, Flowers and a Nuthatch

It's Saturday, temperature is +1.9, weather is giving a chance of flurries but I'm closing my mind to that!
Road trip today with my bestie as they say. Should be fun, taking the camera just in case I spot something along the way. Never know might just find a good ditch to crawl through or bushes. I know she's not really afraid to travel with me, but she probably should be! It will be a bright day even if there isn't much sunshine.
Honestly after this week I am very much in need of an excursion or distraction even if it is only to the next county.
Friday was not a bad day, didn't get any rain until late afternoon. I managed to get some inside and outside work done, as well as cinnamon rolls for the exercise girls going to Super Saturday. I will probably have to do 30 minutes of skipping rope to pay for that on Monday night or maybe Cindy will realize it was just a kind gesture. Honestly they are really so much healthier than muffins or anything you will buy in the store - no preservatives or additives, just good old fashion homemade.
 The Male looks like he's doing the side stroke.
 Some weird and wonderful looking clouds throughout the day.
 Crocuses - some aren't quite open.
 This pair of Common Mergansers were readying for take off.
 Love the way the "run" across the water as they are taking off.

 My Chipmunk "Portrait"
 Cinnamon Rolls for the girls - cut them smaller this time. Larry would have really been upset if there were none left for home.
Red Breasted Nuthatch waiting for his turn at the feeder - that cute little chipmunk was in house.

Time to drink my coffee and shake a leg. Enjoy your day!


  1. I never tire of looking at the duck phiris. Me scared? No apprehensive yup lol. Billy slipped some extra bail money just in case lol. Shoukd be a good day and a little break from the usual grocery shopping. Who in their right mind gets excited about a different grocery store. Omg we need to get a life lol.