Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 100 - 10th April 2013 - Sunrises, Birds and More

Wednesday and I'm off to town. Temperature is  +2.5 but it's suppose to be a bit wet I think. When I was out roaming around yesterday morning as the sun was coming up, a conversation I had recently with a friend came to mind, the jest of it was that if you could get out of bed with your own strength and breath you should consider yourself fortunate. As she remarked it sounds corny but... true. There I was at the edge of the lake listening to all of nature and looking at a beautiful view - things that some people never know or never will. How lucky I am. So today if things start to close in on me (wed is usually a bitch), I'm going to try to visualize that view and those sounds. From 6:30 am to 10:30 am I was out 3 times just walking, listening and seeing all that was there.
I'm beginning to think that the best idea would be for me to put blackout curtains in my kitchen windows. All those birds and activity is just too distracting sometimes. The Goldfinches, Evening Grosbeaks and Red Polls were all back, haven't seen them for a while. Made cookies before lunch but most of the time my head was at the window with my camera. As they were baking I kept thinking what's wrong with those, dawned on me later - forgot to put the white sugar in. Larry commented they were a bit dry - oh well guess that happens once in awhile! It did finally start raining by lunch time, so that was my signal to get moving in the house. Spent about an hour on research then on to some spring cleaning - some ceilings/walls, etc. Since they are calling for rain most of the week I should get a lot of that done along with the editing.

The joy of early morning.

 Perfectly calm, a bit of mist along the shoreline. Ducks flew over.
 You can see a seed at the end of the Red Breasted Nuthatch's beak.
 Lexi was watching a duck.
 This Song Sparrow was singing his little heart out.
 Hard to believe that this is right around 9:30 am - clouds were coming in.
 A sign of spring with the Woodpeckers are at the telephone poles.
 Male Hairy Woodpecker at an old apple tree next door. One of the reasons I like to have those old trees around.
The Red Polls arrived back as well, probably about 50 in all.

 There are about 5 Grackles in the yard and at the feeders these days, I've decided to refer to them as the "Coven" - I can picture them with a peaked black hat and riding  broomsticks or sitting around a cauldron.

This chubby cheeked fellow has a mouth full of sunflower seeds, but he's so cute I don't scold him.


  1. Still enjoying your photos! I love checking in!
    Our chipmunks have not come out of hibernation yet. Such cute fellows, but man can they haul away seed!

  2. Nice reflection and oh so true.....a beautiful sunrise has a way of reminding of us of the "gift of each new day" Hope you have a productive day and just tell Larry sugar is bad for him lol .....