Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 102 - 12th April 2013 - Birds, Crocuses and a Birthday Memory

Hey it's Friday for all of you who can't wait for the weekend to roll around again. Temperature is nippy at -1.1. Brr. Larry has built a fire so it won't take long to warm up. Sounds like some some rain for later and a bit of a mess for tonight. Worked on editing yesterday so today will be some spring cleaning, a little editing and some outside work before it rains.
I've saved Grandmother's Journal til Friday. Today would have been her birthday, she would have been 95, but she passed away a month after her 90th birthday. She really enjoyed her last birthday, lots of family and friends, my cousin and his partner made homemade ice cream, little did we know that the next time we would gather would be to say good bye. She lived a rather healthy life, other than a few aches and pains that sometimes comes with age. Her mind was sharp and she could still get around. So I don't look bad with sadness, only with gladness that I was able to have her in my life so long. She loved the sights and sounds of spring - could recognize birds by their songs, knew the wild flowers as they came through the ground, enjoyed gardening and at one time trout fishing. So this time of year  I frequently think of her with happy thoughts as I roam through the woods.
10th April 1974: Fine in morning, very cold night. In town by 7:30 am. Afternoon turned cold and rained. Robins here tonight before dark. Also Song Sparrows.
12th April 1974: My Birthday. Jim and Ivy came before 9 o'clock. We went to Yarmouth, she got a perm. Back here to MC 5 o'clock.  Barb in here in her new Toyota Truck. Snow flurries all day very cold, strong wind in Yarmouth. Heavy flurries 6 o'clock. Ground covered.
13th April 1974: To town shopping Friday. Fine and windy, cold. Boys came up after supper for weekend.
18th April 1974: Swallows this morning. 
 One of several Hairy Woodpeckers around in the morning.
 He was trying to get the bell off the collar.
 Eventually I will get a good photo of a loon.
 Lazing around the usual!
Then the Red Breasted Nuthatch thought he'd like to wear it.
 The crocuses are so pretty now.
 Daphne is also in bloom.
Little chubby cheeks was back in the feeder.

The Red Polls look like the three Stooges.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Love the last photo! And the news of a storm tonight is sooooo unwelcome!

  2. A perfect day to pay homage to a great lady!! I tried to comment this morning as I looked out the window there were dozens of birds(not sure what they are they had feathers and wings lol) anyway I thought to myself Kim sent them here to annoy me!!! It is amazing how our grandmother's passed on many of their loves to us. My grandmother's love of pansies is something that still makes me smile when I see one. Not sad thoughts/memories I guess they call it in melancholy. Anyway when I smell cinnamon, ginger I think of her as well. Were they not lucky to have such great granddaughters lol Have an awesome day