Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 98 - 8th April 2013 - Birds, Trucks and Sea

Monday morning and the work week begins once again. Temperature is +4.8 but feels chilly. Just checked the weather - rain all week - ugh. Well this is the week I get everything done inside that needs to be done, sure it will drive me a bit crazy. That means book editing and research as well as finish off some spring cleaning. Exercise class this evening.
Nice day on Sunday even if the wind was a bit chilly, although we found it much warmer up here in the country than it was down along the shore. Did some yard/garden work - divided a few hostas and iris'. We met our friends out in Jordan before noon to take photos of their trucks. Not just regular trucks but the big ones that pull things - you know me I'm oh so technical. I was happy to do it and it was lots of fun. Try to get 3 dogs, 2 adults and 2 children to all smile and be facing the same direction at once! It worked at least once before one of the dogs lost patience. We moved on from their to East Jordan and the Breakwater Road. I had promised Larry this wouldn't be one of my all day excursions since he wanted to work on his woodshed, stopped and gas then to the garden centre for soil,cell packs and an Astilbe (mine didn't come up last year). The seed order arrived on Friday so he's started planting. He went clam digging on Saturday and we had them for supper last evening, boy were they good!
 We discovered that there is not one chipmunk but two, what fun they were having today, while Lexi watched.
 The "big trucks".
 What I usually see at the shore - Seagulls!
 Looking back towards Jordan.

 One of the backyard Juncos.
 The Nuthatch was busy.
 There were several song sparrows in the yard until a hawk flew through - they all survived he got got in the fence wire and the little birds were able to escape before he got free.
 Always chipper and happy - the Chickadees.
1,2,3 ...Go!

Coffee time. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice photos lol. Notvsure where my comments went I guess I was a robitvthis morning ;)