Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 115 - 25th April 2013 - Birds and the Lake

Looks like another wet day coming up. Another day of inside work I guess. Would rather have some sunshine and be out all day but the one thing you can't control is the weather.
Wednesday went by rather uneventfully, just as I like it. Some things were accomplished, so that's a good thing as Martha would say. Got wet several times but since I'm not sugar I didn't melt. Lexi got her last needle, she and Larry took a trip to the Vets so she's good for another year. Not sure why I was so tired last evening, guess I better get myself back in the swing of things since it's back to work I go next week. I'm going to miss my bird feeders! So I had to go back through a few days and find some photos - too much rain yesterday.
Think I can use some Grandmother's Journal today :
24th April 1974 - Very cold, I walked to work early, rained before I got there. Bob had van in garage getting tires changed, etc. After dinner drove up home. Down back road to Orin Perry's. Had a good drive, home about 4 o'clock. Still rain and very cold. Maple buds getting red and grass nice and green around home in MC. Garden will be late this year. 
25th April 1974 - Rain, sunny early NE wind. Cold snow mixed with the rain. Bob & Tom to MC. Back to town supper time. Bridge at Ruth Brown's. 
 Lake wasn't at it's best - kind of gray looking.
 The Purple Finches, hope they are back today.
 There are 5-6 Blue Jays that are regular visitors now as well.
 A flurry of activity by the Goldfinches.
 Evening Grosbeak  - not sure if he's planning on napping or having lunch.
 I like this view with the chairs by the lake, of course I like the other set of chairs as well on the beach.
Lois has a visitor but not the kind that should be in the feeder!

Must get myself mobile. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Grandmothers journal! Thank you :) this weather is atrocious but not much we can do about it. Not the greatest for entertaining 3 dogs. Short ball throwing but atleast a little. We are on the home stretch for the weekend ..have a good day