Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 117 - 27th April 2013 - Birds and Flowers

Little nippy this morning, temperature is -0.4 but it promises to warm up to +12. It's always warmer than they forecast so should be nice day. Can't believe at 5:30 am you can see some daylight. Seems like it wasn't that long ago and we left home in the dark and came home at supper time in the dark. It's so great to have the longer days. Larry is off to a fire fighter's course for most of the day which will leave Lexi and I to our own devices. No great plans here, will take things as they come. Hopefully we find something interesting around the hood today!
It was a gorgeous in the country yesterday. Sun shone brightly with only a little wind. Got some minor housework done in the morning, then Lexi and I spent most of the rest of the day outside. We weren't terribly productive, did do some weeding but mostly we hunted for birds around the hood and in the yard. Saw my first turtle in the morning, sunning himself on a rock in the lake - spring must be here for sure! In the afternoon we were sitting on the deck taking photos at the feeder and saw some larger birds flying overhead, circling around the yard. Of course I was snapping away, hoping to get some decent pics and find out what they were. I thought hawks of some sort - probably planning to check out my feeders for tasty little birds for lunch. Guess I fooled them. It was my last Friday home for a while, hopefully I'll snag a few this summer when I have a student and can switch a day around now and then.
 Little goldfinch in the woods.
 A Red Poll and Purple finch were both back to visit.
 Mrs. Flicker - notice she has no mustache.
 This little Chickadee nearly ran me down.
 Yeah! The first turtle of the season. So be careful driving in the country you will soon see them on the roads looking for places to lay their eggs on the shoulders in the dirt.
 Can't decide if they are trying to feed one another or are in a spat!
 Nice to see sharing - the Chickadee and Mr. Flicker at the suet.
 A female Downy Woodpecker.
 Clouds were nice and fluffy.
 For those of you tired of birds...daffodils.
 White Breasted Nuthatch tossed out the small seeds in favour of a sunflower seed.

One of the Broad Wing Hawks that visited me.

Time for my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. You mean someone is tired of the birds lol ...whoever could that be ....I haven't spottedva turtle near the trout pond yet but will be on the look out. The dogs slept until 630 and then waited until 7 for me to come downstairs. They had their breakfast then waited a bit ....we just came in 3 tennis balls bit the dust and I looked and there was kasey coming up from the shore. Needless to say she is on a bathsheet and I nabbed the other two before they got the urge. 3 wet thanks. Have a great day I am going to drink my coffee ;) and chill before they decide "Nan let's play ball again" do they make playpens for dogs? Bahaha