Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 105 - 15th April 2013 - Birds, the Lake and Chipmunks

Back to the work week folks, temperature is + 3.1 and the weather forecast doesn't look all that great this week either! Looks like we might get a bit of sun so will work my day around that. Inside at editing and spring cleaning until I see some clearing/sun. Monday - so probably should do some cookies - maybe this week I'll remember to use sugar. Tomatoes, Peppers and Broccoli seeds are sprouting in the basement under lights, in another few weeks they will have to be separated and transplanted to different containers. Of course that's when the problems come - have we enough window space? Probably will take some juggling. We have lots of windows but not all in prime growing directions - I prefer South or West since even on a cloudy day you have a decent amount of light.
Another dreary day - am really wanting some sunshine before I head back to the work routine. I puttered in the house most of the day with a brief trip around the hood, Larry worked on his woodshed til the rain drove him in. How dull can we be? I must say that the lake was crystal clear without a ripple - perfect for reflections and it was so peaceful. Peaceful also meant no waterfowl lurking around but a few mallard drakes. The hens are all setting on nests, I hope. Soon we will see little fluffy babies swimming behind their mothers. It's important that those with water craft are careful in the lake these days.
 Seems the Grackles are having a difference of opinions.
 Dark clouds loomed over the lake.
 The little Red Breasted Nuthatches are so cute.
 I think this is the most attractive door knob I've ever seen.
 Some more blooms in my garden, wet with rain drops - however, I'm not sure what they are.
 A pair of White Breasted Nuthatches.
 Clouds reflecting in the lake.
 I love the crazy way the go up and down the trees.
 Lunch time!
 Chippie stopped in for a visit once Lexi was safely in the house.
Those fat little cheeks are full again.

Time for a coffee refill. Enjoy your day!

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