Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 91 - 1st April 2013 - Spring Bulbs, Geese and Woodpecker

A new month is starting. Right it's also April Fools' Day - lots of fun we were kids, sure they don't have much appreciation for that kind of a day now. Raining today so I guess there is going to be housework, computer work, maybe bake some cookies. Our roaming the neighbourhood will be brief today.
Sunday was another glorious day. Busy, busy, busy - started off with our turn to work breakfast. A good turn out, home from there and a walk, clean up and then off to Mom & Dad's for Easter Dinner. Mom had cooked leg of lamb, but there was ham for me, lots of good veggies and Kahlua Cheesecake for dessert - very yummy. Got back and while Larry put wood in the basement, I decided to do some outside work - attacking the Moss Rose Bush which desperately need to have grass, broken limbs etc. hauled out of it. However, I had short sleeves on and I'm afraid the Rose bush won. Next chance I get to finish, I'll be wearing long sleeves - I've got scratches from my wrists up past my elbows. Time for a break and off to see what was in the lake, only the geese and a few mallards.
 The Muscari is beginning to bloom in my garden.
 Nothing like getting right down on the ground to capture the essence of Spring - Crocuses.

 Not a great Spring visitor but ya got to take the good and the bad.
 Not sure if he's a Hairy or a Downy Woodpecker, one is smaller than the other but both look similar.

 Another day of Kate and William on the rock!

Time for my coffee and get  myself moving! Enjot your day!

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  1. William & kate had better get a wiggle/jiggle on babies lol awesome photos. What is Muscari? I am too lazy to google but if you do notrespond I guess I will have to ........I attacked and annialiated (spelling?) lol the briar bushes I hope....cut my bridal wreath spirea back perhaps too much and we did some burning (Billy is a firebug and I fear might have done some damage to several bushes....have an awesome day. Like you I should have worn a long sleeve top as my right arm is riddle with battle scars :)