Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 92 - 2nd April 2013 - Birds, Wasps and Flowers

Tuesday and I've stocked up on some extra sleep again at least on the morning end. Seems I'm restless getting to sleep but by the early hour of the AM I'm sleeping fine. Oh whatever works, it will change again in a few weeks I'm sure. Looks like a pretty good morning out there, temperature is -0.5 sun is almost up. Suppose to be a chance of showers or flurries but I think we'll be able to get out and finish up that rose bush along with a few other things around the yard.
Yesterday was a change of weather, after three beautiful days we had mostly rain. So it was an inside day with lots of work accomplished there for me. Of course being Monday it was also chocolate chip cookie day. An evening of exercise, which I felt that I dearly needed - too many Easter eggs perhaps. I'm trying to decide if I'm up for Super Saturday. My understanding is that it's harder than our normal evening workouts and Cindy holds it in a variety of places. She's also going to start prepping the girls that have signed up for Mud Heroes (that's just beyond me) - it's a fund raiser for Cancer held at Martock in July. I may go as a part of the cheering squad but not as a competitor. Not a great day for photos so I had to delve in to some from the last few days. The ducks are not as numerous these days, they've pretty well paired off and are off nesting most of the time so we don't see big flocks right now.

 I know they are nasty but still kind of cool up close!

Love reflections, think the beaver is building a house behind those limbs.

 I guess he was upset that there wasn't a lot of seeds in the feeder, looks like he's working for his lunch.
Trying out a self portrait in the water.

Time for my coffee to get me going. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Have an awesome day and thanks for the company on the way to work LOL nice photos ...yup even the bug :) have a productive day