Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 118 - 28th April 2013 - Birds, Turtles and Frog

Chilly this morning, +0.6, but a beautiful sunrise. Yes I should have gone taken some photos but sorry without at least one cup of coffee I can't move that far. So I'm thinking today won't be much different than yesterday, Larry's off to do work on a camp then some trouting. I have a roast out for supper - not taking any chances on what they will catch. Lexi and I will hang out in the hood.
Two beautiful, sunny days in a row. Lexi and I spent lots of time outside yesterday either in the yard or roaming the hood. I did a little extra roaming on my own as I wanted to check out a few places around the other lake to see if I could sight the geese, but no luck. I did see three turtles sunning themselves on various rocks and a couple of Mallard drakes, guessing the females are on a nest. Got laundry caught up before going out and a few other household chores. Off to town after supper for groceries at the one (NOT) fabulous store we have that has rearranged all the aisles and has nothing in them anyway!
 My morning song from the Song Sparrow.
 The only bird - Robin, that Lexi chases - she never catches them though.
 Myrtle Warbler was in the woods yesterday morning.
 Purple Finches were in and out all day.
 One of the turtles I saw, sunning himself.
 Love the branches when they are budding out.
 My first frog sighting of the spring season.
 Lots of Song Sparrows around.
 William in for lunch, I saw Kate flying over around 7:30 in the morning.
 The female Purple Finch showed up yesterday.
Lois' Vinca.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I see William posed for a media shot ....they must keep the loyal subjects happy lol. Well wouldn't the robertsons "Duck Dynasty" like to get their paws on that frog. Lol it looks to be a good size! Gotta say frog legs does not get my taste buds going but billy had them in Florida and he said they were similar to the gator I tried and it reminded me of pork! Up early the grand demons have been fed my their gramp and then outside to play ball. I think my rotar cup will be wore out. A bag of frozen peas should help. I need a coffee and if I thought Princess Lexi would not get her nose out of joint would have come up for one....but alas I have not read any updates of mouth watering cooking so I am staying home lol.