Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 101 - 11th April 2013 - Gulls, Owl, Harbour and Lake

Thursday morning, temperature is +5.7 and there is suppose to be some showers ending this morning. Today I'm buckling down to the editing job, Karen has a jump on me. I've printed off her comments so time for me to get caught up. Once again I need to thank her for taking her time from other things to help me with this project. Hopefully I'll also find an hour to continue with the spring cleaning event. I'd like part of next week off to do some outside work if the weather is good and probably after that I'll be back to the 8 - 4:30 routine of life.
Another Wednesday passed and I survived. Not quite as bad as they have been, just a few instances and I went to my "happy view" and got through them. I'm guessing it appeared that I had zoned out so to speak but .... whatever works! Leftovers for supper a nice walk around the hood - not much in the wildfowl department and then a lazy evening finished off the day.
 Coming in for  a landing - Seagulls on the Barrel Factory roof - Dock Street.
 I had to look twice at this - but immediately realized the purpose - keep the pigeons away. They are doing some restoration to this house, which for the last few years has been empty and the eaves, etc. inhabited by pigeons.
 He landed.
 Clouds over the lake last evening were interesting.
 Those looking down the harbour towards the lighthouse at noon were a little stormy looking.
Over the lake.

 A day is not complete without the Chickadee.
One of the Evening Grosbeaks (female) that stopped by the other day.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. hmmmm those are some pretty mancing looking clouds. Get your work done