Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 93 - 3rd April 2013 - Ducks, Geese, Chipmunks and Lungwort

Ugh, the ground is covered in snow - not a nice thing to wake up to!! Temperature is -1.4 and it's blowing a gale. Not what I want to wake up to especially since it's on the early side. Off town for errands, volunteer stuff, etc. Hope it's a productive day and I can get lots done. Lexi is off for her needles this afternoon - she won't be terribly happy but she doesn't mind Tom too much, he talks to her and puts her at ease. She'll sulk but will get over it by the time she comes home.
Not sure what I want to say about the weather yesterday but weird would sum it up. Started out really nice, warmed up to +8. then we had snow flurries, by supper time it was a mini blizzard. Now of course it didn't really stick to the ground and the temperature dropped to +1. I've moved on to Spring, am tired of snow - that's for the months of December through early March. I think the calendar and Mother Nature need to get in sync. The weather doesn't stop Lexi and I from roaming the neighbourhood, not much in the wildlife department. Stopped and had tea and a chat with Lois in the afternoon. We're thinking a fertility clinic might be the answer to Kate and William, all they do is lay on that rock! I bundled up and tackled some yard work for a couple of hours, finished cleaning out the rose bush and a flower bed as well as raked up some leaves and old apples. So all in all not a bad day.
 Male Mallard flying off.
 Everything looked pretty nice in the morning.
 Moss and little lichens growing from a tree.
 I think this Chipmunk is cute but there are those that will disagree.
 Not sure what kind of a pose this is.
 I startled this female Mallard.
He's picking up the leftover seeds on the ground.

Lois' Lungwort, last year it was in bloom a lot earlier.

Time for me to get moving. Enjoy your day!

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