Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 116 - 26th April 2013 - Birds, Webs, Lexi and the Sunset

It's Friday which means the weekend is just within our grasp, and also means that going back to work for me is right around the corner. Temperature is mild this morning at +6.6.  Well I've not won the lottery so guess it's back I go. Will sure miss my kitchen window views and our constant roaming the hood. Hoping when Kate and William bring out their young it's on a weekend. Looks like it's going to be sunny for the next few days. I guess it will be mostly an outside day for us today!
Thursday was a damp, dismal overcast day. Everything was pretty quiet around the hood and feeders - maybe I only have fine weather birds. Did run into William having an early lunch when we stopped to have tea at Lois' and catch up on the news of birds and things. She's been in the city for a few days and was lucky enough to see eagles, ospreys and geese but had forgotten her camera at home. Larry is sure mine is a piece of large jewellery that hangs from my neck most of the time. I truly hate to be caught without it. Stir fry for supper - nice change and 1 pot cooking (actually wok) - tired of doing dishes!
 The faithful Flicker stopped by in the morning. Larry picked up more suet for him.
 Trees are budding out.
 Pussy willows have gone to seed for another year. But I see the wild violet leaves are popping through the ground.
 William joined us for tea in the morning.
 Daffodils in shaded areas haven't bloomed yet but a few more fine days and they will be open.
 Lexi's idea of wading.
 She enjoys looking over the lake.
Nature's fancy weavers.

Couldn't resist catching the sun setting through the trees after I got home from exercise class.

Time to finish my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Cute even the flicker lol. Nice one of Princess Lexi looking out of her realm lol. Uneventful but productive day ....I am oh so ready for the weekend :)