Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 114 - 24th April 2013 - From the feeders and more

We've woke up to a wet morning and laptop issues. Seems the laptop is sorted out or at least I hope it is. Not a great start to the day. It's my last Wednesday in town then I switch and have Wednesdays off. Since it usually rains on Wednesday I hope that changes too. Lots to do today  and I'm hoping everything runs smoothly.
Yesterday was cold and felt like winter again, kept the wood fire burning all day. It was a day spent mostly in the kitchen. Brown bread rolls, gingerbread and chocolate whoppie pies made and chili for supper. Not sure how I got them done without burning something as I had my camera lens to the window quite a number of times. The backyard was a symphony of bird songs, I counted 13 different species between the feeders, trees and ground. The Purple Finches arrived which added to the excitement - yeah, I know doesn't take much to excite me most days, just a little bit of nature in action. I stood on the deck several times watching them, flit back and forth from bush to tree to feeders. I can understand why my grandmother loved the sights and sounds of spring.
 Love to hear the Song Sparrow sing to me.
 Our newest addition - Purple Finch having lunch with an Evening Grosbeak.
Purple Finch and Gold Finch.
 The Goldfinches are really bright yellow now.
 A pair on the fence.
 They discovered I refilled the thistle seed feeder.
 Had to add a few flowers - a certain bestie is tired of birds.
 One of our resident Nuthatches.
 The Grackle once again trying to get the suet.
 Even Chippie stopped by.
Can you find the Brown Creeper? They really blend in with the tree bark.

Myrtle [Warbler] returned again, he seems to be making himself right at home.

Definitely need that coffee this morning. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thank goodness you talked about baking and cooking I was able to conjur up mental images .....this blog has gone to the birds lol