Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 9 - 9th January 2016- Squirrels, Purple Finch and Goldfinch

Well it's Saturday and I'm thinking a trip to Cape Sable Island is in order, with a side to Barrington for groceries.  Looks like a good day in the forecast. Larry's decided it's time to started adding some wood to the basement from the woodshed, so we'll be home early enough this afternoon for that chore and of course there is always tomorrow.
Another nice day to end the week off, maybe a little cooler since the wind had picked up in the morning but if you were in the sun it had warmth. The lake was quieter during the day but after supper started - like a boomerang whipping back and forth. My only favourite thing about winter  listening to the lake! I spent part of the day reading a couple of the notebooks I'd sorted through this week - the bird count ones from Cape Sable Island. Interesting to read what was found in 1922. As I read I thought about the numbers and species recorded lately on e-bird - some were not that different, others are at a decline.
These cheeky beggars were playing in the wood pile.
This Christmas Ball is still on a twig along the roadside. Adds a nice pop of color.
Nature's bling.
For some reason the Male Purple Finches love to hide in the branches of the Honeysuckle Bush.
Goldfinch sticking out his tongue.

Enjoy your day!

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