Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 24 - 24th January 2016 - Robins, Hairy Woodpecker and Junco

 Sunday morning - snowing and blowing. We have reservations at the Ole Argyler Lodge for brunch today (I won brunch for 2) but we were planning to go and celebrate a few birthdays. Not sure if we are gong to make it or not. Too early to tell yet, although I hear Barrington area was hit hard with snow. Shelburne County seemed to get the worse of it last night.
Saturday felt like the day before the storm - cold, overcast and rather dreary. We did the town thing for groceries.  Larry put some more wood in the basement from the woodshed. I got a short walk in the hood, but I'm really a morning walking person and the lighting wasn't great. Puttered around the house catching up on laundry etc. Seems to be a good year for those friends who are cross country skiers.
I had 4-5 Robins yesterday afternoon in this bush in the backyard - guess they found some red berries to eat.
It was pretty down along the river yesterday morning.
With snow, frost and ice.
Female Hairy Woodpecker enjoying the bird pie.
Didn't see any ducks in the river.
Junco waiting for the feeder.

Enjoy your day!

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