Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 22 - 22nd January 2016 - Ice, Bling and Blue Jays

Guess today I better get some things done. At least one grant application should go over my list and some research. Don't have to worry about supper - leftovers from last night. Maybe I'll spend a little time staking out Lois' feeders. She has a White Throated Sparrow that I'd like to get some good shot of. 
Not a bad day on Thursday although I didn't get done the things I was going to......oh well there is always another day. Birds were busy at the feeders. A Hawk flew through after one of the Mourning Doves but left with no breakfast.  It was a cold, crisp morning to roam the hood. I love when the sun sparkles on the tree branches.  I think that's the only part of winter I like, and of course as much as we complain -  truly nothing we can do about this season. But would we really want to live somewhere that didn't have four distinct seasons - not likely.
My favourite time of day - when the sun hits the ice droplets on trees.
Like sparkling jewels.
No campfires for a while, the gazebo is closed for the season.

Nature's Bling.

Blue Jays puff up to keep warm in the Apple tree.

Enjoy your day!

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