Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 12 - 12th January 2016 - Ice and Goldfinch

Stars are all out, can hear an Owl way up the lake. Guess I'll aim to do the things today I couldn't get done yesterday.  Have a ham out to cook for supper - should be good for a couple of nights of leftovers. A little snow last evening has turned everything white once again. Maybe something will pop out of the hood today.
Maybe I shouldn't plan on getting much done on Mondays. Tried to do a grant application - website wasn't working so by the time I got a hold of the fabulous tech in Ottawa it was afternoon, not my time of day to think smart. Tackled some research but hit a brick wall there. The hood was empty of everything - probably because it was so windy the birds were all in hiding. Couldn't even manage to find a Chickadee. Most of the lake has opened back up again after the rain, just a little around the coves.
Cracking ice.
The ice along the shore has caught the grasses and pine spills.
Goldfinch hanging out in the Lilac Bush. Probably waiting for the squirrels to leave the feeders.
Too far to be a good shot but - Common Golden-Eyes down in the river.

Enjoy your day!

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