Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 18 - 18th January 2016 - Snow, Berries and a Chipping Sparrow

Monday morning - not even going to try to figure out the weather after the weekend - all I know is it must be cloud covered out there as  I can't see the moon or stars.  Have to get back on track today, the month is wasting away and I've got grant applications that need to be done and research. So a good part of my day will be spent on those.
Sunday was a day to clean up the snow - thankful to our good neighbour who came over and plowed the driveway when he saw Larry out shoveling. Went to town got groceries, then I did the lunchbox preps, muffins etc. done up while Larry put some more wood in the basement. Got out for a nice morning walk in the hood. Birds are getting more active at the feeders these last few days and I believe the flock of Goldfinches are growing.
 Snow covered branches along the private road.
 The lake was brown and rather ugly so  decided this one would be best in black and white
Just a few berries.
 Chipping Sparrow is still around. Cute little guy.
It's hard to get close to the ducks in the river - Female Hooded Merganser.

Enjoy your day!

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