Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 15 - 115th January 2016 - Chipping Sparrow, Juncos, Snow and Grandmother's Journal

Thursday was a little better of a day. It was a good morning to get out in the hood and enjoy the crisp air and nature. It was quiet except for the crunch of snow as I walked - the sunlight and snow provided lots of bling throughout the woods and along the lake. It's the kind of morning that helps to re-balance me. The yard and feeders were busy all day with Blue Jays, Mourning Doves, Goldfinches, Chickadees, Purple Finches, Juncos, 1 Song Sparrow and 1 Chipping Sparrow. He was new to the feeders.
Grandmother's Journal:
14 January 1977: 
Very cold below 0 over night. Warmer by noontime. Not too much. Nice sunny day. Winter weather. Cold in the warmer climates this year. Kim here. Bob & Tom to MC. and hunting. Got home 7 o'clock as usual  was very upset. Lucky he had CB set. I call R. Davis. He listens all the time. Had to leave Rindy in woods very worried about her. Took xmas tree down tonight. 
15 January1977: Very cold over night. Overcast most of the day. Bob, Bobbie & Mike in tow vehicles to MC. Rindy was at the camp where Bob thought she might be. He brought her home with him. Kim up for supper and the night. Very cold again tonight. [Rindy was the first dog my Grandfather gave me and had registered in my name. She was a better show dog than hunter. He would have been even more upset if he lost her]
 A new visitor to the feeders today - Chipping Sparrow.
 Dark-eyed Junco, but I believe it's a female. Much lighter in color than the other one.
I tossed some seeds into the Christmas tree this morning when I filled the feeders. Goldfinch and Chipping Sparrow.

Ice and snowflakes.

It was a beautiful morning on the lake.
Nature's q-tips?

Enjoy your day

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