Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23 - 23rd January 2016 - White-Breasted Nuthatch, Song Sparrow and White-Throated Sparrow

It's Saturday - grocery day, Larry will probably put more wood in before the next Nor'easter comes this evening. Who knows that that will bring. The weather sites are playing it cautious - not much snow but if the storm moves a tad bit, could be more. A NE wind rarely brings anything good, but hopefully it will miss us. 
Lately whenever I make plans to do things I seem to stray and not get them done. Had every intention of doing a grant application but when the secret codes wouldn't work I tossed it aside until Monday.  Hopefully after over 12 years of doing them it won't take me too long to whip it together. Most of it I have in a Word Doc. and I can copy and paste. I staked out Lois' feeders until my fingers and toes were cold. Mostly the same birds that tend mine although she does have more Nuthatches and the White-Throated Sparrow.  Between the two yards there are a number of Blue Jays, Mourning Doves, Woodpeckers (Downy and Hairy) Nuthatches (Red-Breasted and White Breasted), Goldfinches, Purple Finches a few Song Sparrows, Juncos, White Throated Sparrow and Chipping Sparrow.  I've not seen the Evening Grosbeaks for several months, a few Red-Winged Blackbirds and Pine Siskins appear erratically.
 White -breasted Nuthatch - one of my favs. They are such funny little guys.
The Chipping Sparrow is still in our yard.

Female Downy Woodpecker.
Male Purple Finch having a bt of a bad hair day.
Song Sparrow trying to get in my good books after chasing off other birds.
White-Throated Sparrow - hidden behind branches.

Enjoy your day!

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