Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 27 - 27th January 2016 - Snow, White-Throated Sparrow and Goldfinch

Can't believe how much snow disappeared yesterday and last night. I can actually see grass in the yard in places. Hopefully more will go otherwise it will be difficult to walk as it's going to be icy underfoot. Well it's Wednesday and town day - Ugh - Rah! But on an up note I get my hair cut this afternoon.  Going to be a busy day - lots to do with medical appointments thrown in the middle.
It was a beautiful Tuesday - didn't need snow pants for walking in the morning. The sun glistened on the snow. A couple of visitors for coffee broke up the day, worked on a bit of research and a stew simmered on the stove all afternoon. Lots of Purple Finches around the feeders in the afternoon.
The chairs and deck were covered in snow, not a foot track ruined the perfection of the snow.
A little rustic building in the hood.
Located the White-Throated Sparrow at Lois'. He prefers to come out when it's quiet and stays close to their Christmas Tree.
Goldfinch waiting for the feeder to clear for his turn.

Enjoy your day!

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