Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 367 - 31st December 2012 - The End of Another Year

Another too early morning, temperature is -5.7, should be ice in the lake this morning. Well here we are at the end of 2012. Some glad times, some sad times throughout the year both make us who we are and create memories for years to come. So what are your plans for welcoming in the New Year this evening - anything exciting? We'll either take a jaunt up over the hill [providing I can stay awake long enough] and do some visiting maybe see fireworks or maybe stay home. Will see what happens when the time rolls around.
Just a few reflections from 2012 - I think by looking back a little bit we will improve what's to come or we learn from our mistakes.  I started the Blog in January which I must say I've enjoyed. Karen and I worked very hard all winter, spring and early summer on getting the Chronicles of Water Street published for the Society - that was a huge task. Larry's Mom passed away, but we were thankful it was quick. I really discovered photography and bought a new camera in June, as my "sista" says it must be surgically attached to my body. Some days I take better photos than other days but it's part of the improving process. One thing I've learned is I need a creative outlet - for years it was dress design or painting but when I ended that part of my life I didn't realize there really was a void until I picked up the camera. Got to photograph Harmony Bazaar and a Wedding in the summer. Shared meals, good news, bad news, laughs and tears with friends. Larry switched jobs in July and is so much happier as is the gas tank on the truck since he doesn't have as far to go. I did the "Bingo Bus Tour" with friends - our annual late fall excursion and so much fun. Took up exercise class twice a week beginning in September - I may not want it but need it. I'm sure the New Year will have it's ups and downs but right now I feel I can deal with them better, 2012 has made me a stronger person I hope.
Our snow storm kind of fizzled yesterday, not exactly what they had been predicting. It was still mostly a day inside. I took it as a sign to take down all the decorations and tree ornaments and packed them away in the closet for another year. That shot a good portion of the day. Now to put things back where they belong. Larry worked on his jigsaw puzzle I got him for Christmas on and off most of the day. It was his last day off, so today we are back to normal - Lexi and I on the home front. Now to decide what our winter project will be. I have a collection of photographs from two very early photographers plus all the old family photos, these all need to be catalogued and re-organized. 2013 may be the year to get it done. It's a huge job - thousands and thousands of photos and negatives and not something a person can work on continuously but maybe by spring I could have a dent in them.
Lexi usually helps push the snow scoop, but she's looking pretty tired, must be break time.
I took the opportunity to shoot through the kitchen window since it was nasty and I don't like taking my camera out in bad weather. Still some some snow coming down in the afternoon.
I like a bit of snow on the evergreens.
You could tell it was a nor'easterly wind as only one side was covered in snow.
A Nuthatch joined the feeder yesterday.
My ever favourite chickadee.
They are making themselves quite at home and enjoying the seeds. Now where are those Cardinals?? Please you town folks send some up our way!

Soon time to wake the rest of the household. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice photos and a reflection of 2012....I have a paper box + full of photos to go through...a daunting project for sure and one of these days i will go through them and do up albums for each of the kids!!! lol notice I said one day....brrrr cold down here today the wind off the water is burtal I see the hubby parked and working this morning!! Will check in on you later. Have a good day.