Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 341 - 6th December 2012 - Sunsets,Chickadee and Fungi

The temperatures are like a yo yo - up and down constantly, hovering just at 0.6 this morning and it's suppose to be a tad bit chillier, then back to milder for a few days over the weekend. Today we head back to baking and decorating. I really need to put a push on to get caught up again, because I'm sure I'm behind or it feels like it. Maybe everyone feels that way this time of year. In less than 3 weeks Christmas will be here and gone and it won't matter what didn't get done.
Not a bad day in town, but I'm always tired when I get home, just rush, rush, rush trying to squeeze so much into so little time. I think what I dislike most about going is the darkness in the morning and it's almost dark when we get home. I enjoy a few daylight hours and kind of miss that sunshine vitamin in those short days of winter. I'm happy to only have to go in one day/week, that's enough for me I can play hermit the rest of the week.
Checking Grandmother's Journal this morning:
3rd  December 1973:
Beautiful day cold and sunny. Very little wind. Bob to M.C. Back supper time. I worked, good day in the store. Ruth M's father died very suddenly this morning. 
5th December 1973:
Foggy and very mild. Bob to M.C., me working. Can't do much house work, no way to cook. Out to Sharon H. to play bridge had a real nice evening. Isabel F. Jeanette M, Sharon and I. I won had highest score all three times. Came home just 12 o'clock. Not one person on the street. 
6th December 1973:
Nasty day. Very warm for this time of year. Foggy. High wind and lots of rain afternoon. Bob to M.C. but had to come back. 

If I didn't look at the dates it could almost be our weather in the last week. Grandmother's entries are definitely shorter when they stayed in town during the winter months. There may have been more to do and write about but less time to do it. She enjoyed the country life in warmer months but not so much in the winter when it was more isolated so for many years they moved to town during that period. Once spring came they were quickly back to their homestead in the country.
 I ran out in the driveway and took these across the road right after we got home, wish I'd had a chance to get closer.

The sunset was certainly beautiful, such brilliant colors coming through the trees.

Chickadee sits high in a tree, looks like he's found a seed to nibble on.

Bare branches...

I can never resist those tree fungi.

Another cup of coffee and see what's on my list. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ahhhhh right on cue with Grandmothers journal....I thought about this and I believe she didn't write as much while in town because she didn't like being there as much lol "no place like the homestead" From mushrooms to fungi :) I am off to get the grandpuppies....pray for me :)