Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 336 - 1st December 2012 - Cold Morning, Snow and Moon

Well another month has rolled around. It's soo cold this morning and the stars are all out, the temperature is  -11.4, brrr! So I've got part of a list done and am determined to get some things crossed off it when we go shopping today. The stores will be in nut mode I'm sure, I don't mind waiting in lines if they have sufficient cashiers open, but when it's busy and they only have one or two people running cash, it really ticks me off. I'm hoping with the attitude of calm and zen-like, perhaps that will get me through the day. So I'm planning to come home with lots of gifts to wrap and the bulk of my shopping done.
I had forgotten or just had temporary amnesia about how cold winter is and really we are only just beginning. Ah well I guess we get used to it. I found it difficult  walking with Lexi on a leash and carrying my camera, haven't quite got my winter legs yet. The sides of the road aren't great - frozen ice balls from where the plow pushed it off the road early in the morning, it was easier through the woods. I did dig out my nice warm wool socks, hand knit by my Mom. Nothing like those to keep your toes toasty. Got some decorating done and Lexi and I snuggled on the sofa for a brief nap in the afternoon.
It was so cold in the early morning down by the lake.
Snow and ice on the branches, no more early morning photos for me til I get new winter gloves for Christmas. My fingers felt like those branches look.
Someone else was up, I see a light across the lake.
The moon was still full and glowing at 6:45am.
It really did look pretty later in the morning. Nothing like fresh snow.
A little bling as the sun hits the ice and snow.
Time for another coffee and play scrabble. Enjoy your day! 

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