Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 339 - 4th December 2012 - Greenery, Chickadees and Ice

Tuesday morning and I slept until almost 5:30 - Rah!!! Another mild day coming - temperature is +3.0.Only in Nova Scotia can you wake up to -12. one morning then it switches up to above zero temperatures for a week. Easy on the woodpile. Today I need to get cracking and actually see something accomplished by suppertime. So it's baking and decorating for Lexi and I today, of course a few walks will be tucked in there as well! Guessing the pavement crews will be back out today and they should make it to our house this afternoon.
After feeling totally frazzled yesterday  morning sorting out the computer issue, the day progressed quietly and successful. Managed to get 4 dozen cherries done, gifts wrapped from Sunday's shopping trip,  a couple of loads of laundry, floors and a few other things around the house. However, on the other hand I still have the house only half decorated. Lexi and I did get out around the neighborhood with the camera a few times. It was peaceful, no sound of heavy equipment on the road. Exercise class last night - no major issues -she didn't bring out the balls so I was pretty safe! It's a great group of girls that go - mixed ages, shapes and sizes. I remember originally thinking - oh they've been at it so long I'll never "catch up", but it doesn't matter and yes finally I'll admit I somewhat like going and some things are getting better. There are still some things I don't think I'll ever get the hang of but...I'll stick it out.

A little greenery.

Chickadees enjoying a mid-day snack.

Can't believe it's the first week of December and there is mist and ice in the lake.

Ice and beach! The water has really dropped again.

Caught in the a bubble in the ice.

This one got caught beneath the ice in the sand.

I hear the rest of the house waking up so time to move on. Enjoy your day!

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