Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 340 - 5th December 2012 - Low Water, Beach, Fungi and Lexi

Well it's Wednesday and my day to go to town - for some reason that just doesn't thrill me would, rather be home baking. Temperature is +7.6 and they are calling for rain. By the looks of the lake and river rain is what we need. I need to pick up a few gift cards in town to finish off some shopping but think I'll wait until next Wednesday to do those and maybe make a list of whatever else I need. At least today I'll get my favourite lunch of Bacon, Scallop Wrap at the Beandock. Have been doing other things the last couple of weeks so am craving one of those big time. It's funny but when Lexi and I are out walking through the woods I think of all kinds of things to write, when it's time to sit down at the laptop I've forgotten them. Apparently my attention span is not what it used to be, or my brain just can't multi-task like it did at one time.
Spent the bulk of yesterday in the kitchen - 7 dozen peanut butter cups and 7 dozen fruitcake cookies done. Should have managed to get more but had company for a bit, walked Lexi, they were paving out in front of the house so had to hug Lexi til that passed. So things got a little disrupted but that's ok. Larry came home from work last night expecting chocolate chip cookies and got quite a surprise - he hates the fruitcake cookies and cherries (I didn't mention the peanut butter cups). He's been told hands off until the end of next week when my baking is done. He's never happy at this time of year when there is lots of baking going on and he's not allowed anything! Well sometimes I let him taste test. I do a lot of tins and containers up and give them away to friends and family. It's kind of my from the heart gifts. A break once in a while is a good thing, especially since standing in one place most of the day really is hard on my lower back. Maybe Cindy has some stretches or something for me...hint, hint!  I think I need a step stool to get on the pavement, hopefully in the next day or two they will be doing something on the shoulder! I must say the are doing a bang up job on the road - looks good and feels really nice to drive over.
I can see the rockways between the islands again.

 And the beach is showing through, you can see where the rows of leaves are - it's dropping more.

 Can't resist the fungi.
Not sure what was on Lexi's mind.

Well time for me to get mobile. Enjoy your day!

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