Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 358 - 23rd December 2012 - Deer and Christmas Lights

Sunday and the temperature is 0.9. Quite a change from yesterday when I got up. As I've said before it's Nova Scotia and the weather changes frequently and rapidly. We go with the flow. Larry plans to put more wood in the basement today, I'll puddle around here, organize gifts to be delivered etc. and try to get the house to remain clean looking for more than 5 minutes. Won't be able to get the lobster until tomorrow afternoon, that's Larry's department and I'm leaving it to him. It's been too windy for the boats to go out but our lobsterman says he's going Monday so all is good. It will be a bit rushed since he won't get in until around 4 pm, then there is the cooking and shelling and we have church at 7 pm.  Since the price is right for purchasing I may try to put some in the freezer for later rather than gobble it all up.
Yesterday was very productive. Couldn't believe I got the grocery shopping and a few errands done with out a complete melt down. Normally the last few days before Christmas the stores are nuts but it was pretty good Saturday morning, maybe I just timed it right. Then it was back home to get some of the house straightened back up again, floors scrubbed etc. Larry tackled the outside of the kitchen window and since I had banned he and Lexi till the floors were finished I noticed him scrubbing the house siding as well. Then it was on to putting wood in the basement for him and me sorting out the last of the gifts for me. Then it was another dash to town to toast the bride and groom [friends who had tied the knot earlier in the afternoon]. Wishing them many years of happiness. Back home to a quiet night.

We saw these little guys on the way to town yesterday around supper time.

 Very alert, ears up, tail moving.
 And they are moving.
We were fortunate to be able to watch them for about 10 minutes.

They crossed the road in front of us, then hung around in someone's front yard, crossing the road again behind the truck.

 A few Christmas lights in town.
 This one looks festive.
We both really liked this one.

Time to kick start myself with another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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