Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 365 - 29th December 2012 - Chickadees, Ducks, Rain and Snow

Another early morning, temperature is -2.8. Some of Larry's family is coming for supper tonight, so I have lots to do, hopefully will get everything done this morning and can enjoy a nice peaceful walk after lunch. Fingers crossed that the weather holds until everyone gets here and returns home again. I notice the "red weather warning bar" has popped up on the weather sites. Sounds like this one is going to be all snow - upwards of 25 cms of the white stuff. Some sites are giving 25-40 cm so it will be a coin toss on what we get. Seems it will start tonight and go into Sunday. I guess the girls will be polishing up those cross country skis! Maybe I better get the hot chocolate [with just a tad of baileys for extra warmth] and a few drunken cherries ready for them, never know when  you'll get unexpected visitors. I don't mind 1 snow storm, but after that it can stay away.
Yesterday was a funny weather day, or maybe just typical Nova Scotia weather - rain wait five minutes and it switched to snow. At one point before supper it looked like a mini blizzard in the back yard. Thought I would head through the woods after lunch once the rain stopped and hopefully before the snow started but I was too slow, so tucked my camera inside my jacket during "snow showers". Felt good to get out in the fresh air, new hat and mitts even though it wasn't terribly cold but it was blowing. Made a quick trip to town, just the necessities of groceries, gas [which went up again in price] and some banking. After doing a pan of brownies as the base for dessert Saturday night and picking up a few things around the house I spent some time going through my new mushroom book I received from Lois for Christmas. I'd highly recommend this one, it's the National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mushrooms of North America. I have the wild flower version of this series and they are great books, easy to follow and look up species.  I really can't wait to use it, I may go back through my photos over the cold winter days and see if I can put names to some of my finds last fall. My habit is to write in pencil next to the description where and when I found a bird, flower etc. I know it's not good to write in books but it does help to create a future record and pencil is not terribly harmful.
I think this is one of the chickadees who has been at my feeder.

 A little Old Man's Beard dripping with rain drops and blowing in the wind.
 The tame ducks were hanging out in the lake.
 There are only three of them left, looks like something happen to the female.
The ice has taken a beating along the shore in the cove.

 Floating patches of ice in the ditches.
I can see a few cranberries in the centre.

Time to get moving. Enjoy your day!

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  1. trouble this morning getting a connection...almost ready to throw the computer over the bank. Dad and Louise phoned to say they would not get up....not sure when they would make it home with this weather forecast. I am disappointed as we did not get over boxing day because of the flat tire!!! ughhh oh well making a grocery list and will pick up a few necessities :) Have an awesome day it is absolutely gorgeous here but a sense of something to come ...