Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 360 - 25th December 2012 - Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Everyone!
The big day has arrived, I of course was up way too early but Larry and Lexi are still asleep. Temperature is a little cooler this morning at -3.5. I went to bed last night feeling totally calm and peaceful sure that I would sleep longer but it was not to be. Yesterday was lovely, a light dusting of snow over everything just to put you in the seasonal mood, we delivered gifts in town in the morning, then back home again. Larry put wood in the basement and I tidied up a bit then Lexi and I had a nap. We missed church last night, Larry was late getting the lobsters [fresh off the boat] and boy were they good. A glass of wine, lobster and potato salad rounded off the evening.

From my Grandmother's Journal:
Monday 24 December 1973:
Up early some snow. Bob & Bobbie to M.C. No tracks, not enough snow. Me to work. Afternoon we went to Ohio for part of the afternoon. Down to visit kids and in to Mother's. 
Tuesday 25 December 1973:
Christmas Day - Up at 15 of 5 to go down to see our Grandchildren open their presents. More excited than they ever were, couldn't wait. Lovely morning, cold. Had dinner with them at 2:30 o'clock. Had a lovely quiet Christmas. 
My paternal grandparents came every year to watch us open our gifts on Christmas morning. I think grandmother would have burst if we had been children that slept in, thank goodness we always woke up early [me in particular]. It was my job to call them and say we were up and ready. At any time after 3 am my youngest brother would be sent downstairs to see if we could get up and open our gifts yet. A stern "go back to bed" was usually the response. Thank goodness Santa was wise and left our stockings filled at the end our beds [usually Dad's wool socks], they would provide a bit of entertainment for a while. No later than 6 am we would be tearing off the wrapping paper. Mom always insisted that we keep the tags with the gifts  so that a proper thank you could be given to the appropriate gift giver.  When I read my grandmother's journals I am instantly transported back to that day in time if only for a few minutes. I'm grateful that she wrote her thoughts and feelings down all those years ago, although I'm sure she didn't expect that they would find their way to the Internet.
 A light dusting of snow for Christmas Eve. The morning felt magical as I walked down to the lake.
 The lake was beautiful with snow on the bank and trees hanging over.
 The sun shone bright in the sky as it made it's way up beyond the tree line.
 Sparkled on the ice like gold dust.
 Just a bit of snow on tree branches.

Hoping all of you can be spending at least part of the day with loved ones or friends. Looking forward to our family dinner later this afternoon. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Merry Christmas my friend & big sista. A fittins day to reflect on grandmothers journal <3. Beautiful photos this am. Have a wonderful day and I hope Santa found you <3