Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 343 - 8th December 2012 - The Ice returns

Saturday has rolled around, no stars or moon this morning but the temperature is +5. Looks like another mild day and rain. I did stay in bed until 5am even after tossing and turning during the night.  Grocery shopping today and since I didn't get the decorating finished up yesterday maybe I'll tackle that job today. If the rain holds off some later, Larry and Lexi will go in search of a Christmas tree. I love a pine tree, now they are not always the easiest to find and some year we actually have to add a branch or two just to fill it out, but once they are decorated no one really notices. For my ornaments they are easier to decorate, and far easier to clean up those big pine spills rather than those little fir ones. We used to use all clear mini lights but a couple of years ago we started turning them in at the Light Exchange programs for those LED lights which are multi colored strings. I'm not nearly as keen on those but they use less energy,etc etc.
Back in the kitchen yesterday but not too hard as my back was really out of whack and I ended up taking a muscle and back relaxer. That did help me get through dipping the truffles and making chocolate billionaires - another treat that got dipped. I think the sore shoulder muscles are exercise class related but not the back, that might be from standing in one spot all day in the kitchen. This morning it's still bothering me, I can hardly move. We went up the road and played cards last night where the women beat the men all three games - this was a good thing you know!
 The ice has returned to the lake.
 Lexi checking something out on the shore.

 The ice really makes some neat patterns.

 Lunchtime on the stump.
Cold but pretty.

Time for my second coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love the photos of the ice Mother Nature is pretty creative. Uneventful evening I was a wrapping maniac until I ran out of tape ughhh the dogs all slept in and I believe kasey would have slept until lunch time. She's a teenager. Jacki & shanes dogs are well behaved and love to play. They have pretty well gone through all of their christmas balls I got them. Well I am on my first cup and may need more. The wrapping and the decorating will be done today ....if it kills me. Oh and by the way you may want to get a good mat for standing on ...great foe the back :)