Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 347 - 12th December 2012 - The Ducks were in

Wednesday morning and I'm off to town again. The stars are all out, cooler than it has been at -1.6. So I get a break from baking today. After my volunteer day I head over to get my hair cut - finally it's been driving me crazy for weeks now, hopefully tomorrow I can find some time to turn it back to my natural color of whatever that may be that comes out of a bottle. Sounds vain but I'm not ready for it to be salt and pepper color forever yet. I tried that the other year and just didn't work for me.
More baking done yesterday. I was in such a good mood, I thought I'd try Mom's Shortbread cookies once more, over 30 years I've tried mastering these [never mind mastering I'd have been happy if they just turned out] and finally today they came out beautifully!! I have such fond memories of watching Mom make these at Christmas time and decorating them, they always had a red or green cherry on the top as well as frosting. For years I thought they were some deep family secret recipe, so I asked her how to make them, her reply " the recipe is on the cornstarch box, that's the one I've always use". Well I guess she's used it for over __ years [best not reveal her age] so it is a family recipe now. Weather was wonderful and Lexi and I managed a couple good tramps through the woods and over around the lake. It was amazing that I could literally watch the water rise. There was a small painted rock on the beach, the water was almost to it, 3 hours later the water had come up about 6-8 inches above it. Of course according to the "Old Folks" when the swamps are full winter will come. I think it's time.
 The rain on Monday certainly brought the water up, ditches are all full now.
 Take off!
 Just hanging out.
 The males are always posturing, showing off or trying to prove who the boss is.

The sky was clearing over the lake. I'm sure there were 30-40 ducks in the lake. They weren't bothered by us being there at all. They seem to be attracted to Lexi, when I have her with me they tend to hang closer.

Guess I better get a few things done. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Beat kept secret ever :) Your Mom's shortbread recipe lol even I had it from when the kids were little they loved Bah's cookies
    Been up to see ya and always caught you on the mail run ...hope you have a productive day...mine thus far has had a little drama but you know I am considering a Duck Dunasty approach to drama "shoot em"