Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 351 - 16th December 2012 - From Sunrise to Sunset and some Outside Lights

Sunday and the temperature has really dipped down there to -9.8, brrr! Well looking at the forecast it will have to warm up as it looks like a mostly rainy week. Lots of the agenda to do today. Tree needs to be decorated, whoppie pies finished off, have at least 6 tins to pack up and need to toss some things in a suitcase for a road trip with the girlfriend. Yes we are off to the city [either this afternoon or tomorrow morning]. We're planning a little shopping, a little chillin' and some time with her daughter. Sounds like fun. I still have a few gifts to pick up - I don't have much for Larry and he's never really impressed with clothes. He would rather have tools or toys of which he has plenty except for the ones I can't afford.
A busy yesterday. Lexi and I hit the road to catch the sunrise while Larry was still in bed nursing his cold - which seems a little better than it did. Thank goodness, men and colds ... well what can I say, although in all honesty he's usually not too whiny. Got the groceries done and a few errands in town, then home to do whoppie pies, both chocolate and gingerbread, will fill them today. Larry brought the tree in the house which required  1 1/2 feet cut off. Why do they look so short in the woods? We set it up so it could relax and the branches fall in to place. I will not go into the antics of "where is the tree stand, Kim" - "right where you put it Larry". After a fashion all was well again. Caught the sun setting, delivered a birthday gift and tackled the hair dye once again, which came out fine this time and a color I really like.
 It was cold on the lake watching the sun rise.
Seems like lots of pink this time of year.
 More golden colors as the sun set.
 This time of year with the shorter days I can catch both mornings and evenings.
 Over McKay Lake, the sun is almost gone.
 Some of the lights at our friends up the road.
 Hopefully I'll get some more during the Holidays.
Lots of animals and trees lite up.

Lots to do so better drink up my coffee and get started. Enjoy your day!

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