Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 348 - 13th December 2012 - Some Greenery around Town

Thursday and nippy, temperature is -5.1, perhaps it will warm up some. Back to the kitchen and baking today, first on the list is fudge I think. Tomorrow should finish things off, then to start dividing them up and packing them into tins to be given away. Some will be delivered this weekend and the rest next week. I've really got to take some serious time and straighten the house back up, sort out gifts I've wrapped/not wrapped,etc. I'm beginning to think that time has slipped by and I won't be ready. And to top it off we have an anniversary coming up as well.
Yesterday was nice weather wise but chilly, especially when we got home and the fire had long gone out. That's the only probably with wood, you have to be around to keep adding it to the furnace. Oh well, Larry got the fire built and before too long the house was warming up again. It was a good day overall, a bit of sad news left a shadow in the back of my mind but the source seems to be doing fine, so I'll leave it there. Doom and gloom will not fix it, some positive thinking and prayers will hopefully help. On a brighter note for me it was hair cut day. My hairdresser Tammy, always runs a 12 days of Christmas contest on Facebook. Each day she posts a question and the first one with the right answer gets a free shampoo, cut and blowdry. I won yesterday morning.
I thought I'd take the opportunity to enjoy some of the greenery around town.
This is one of the new wreaths that they've hung around town.  The ones on Dock Street aren't lit up. Nice and old fashion I think they really add to the town.

 A beautiful huge wreath on one of the real estate offices.
 Simple and very country like - a wreath on the door and a few swags on the verandah.
 Very simple but stunning against the blue door of this old home.
 A little bling has been added to fresh green wreath here.
Matching window boxes.

Time for another coffee and take my turn at scrabble. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Positive thoughts and REAL prayers...
    Nice photos...Itend to lean towards the more simple decorations....wreaths and candles but then again that could have something to do with me not having time to string all of the lights and lets face it my creativity has been on hiatus since I had the kids oops and Billy!!!! Have a productive day and take care of that back....