Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 359 - 24th December 2012 - Some Christmas Decorations at Our House

Monday has rolled around again, well this week it's pretty special. Christmas Eve has arrived and it's also an important day for Larry and I. We are celebrating our 29th anniversary and hopefully it will be with lobsters for supper, my fingers are crossed. I think I've got just about everything done, we'll zip to town and deliver our gifts this morning and gas up the truck. I think we are safe from having to go into a store today - rah! Temperature is -1.9 this morning, once again I got up too early so hoping there will be time for a nap later if I want to get through the whole day. Planning on Church this evening. It's an early service at 7 pm in our little Church up the road and is done by community members. There will be readings, music, stories and the lighting of candles. Most years there are roughly 100 people - family and friends from near and far, home for the holidays.
Snow flurries most of yesterday, didn't amount to a lot but was a bit chilly with the wind blowing as well. Finished up the the last of the tins, and found the kitchen counter again. Good news is there are even a few treats left for the house, not many but enough to keep Larry from complaining that I gave everything a way! He doesn't really mind, but likes a cookie or two after supper. Walked over to visit with Lois for a few minutes in the afternoon and deliver her gift, had tea and a few laughs.
Our tree this year. I love a pine tree and sometimes you can't be too fussy as good ones are difficult to find.

 We switched to the LED lights a couple of years ago, I'm not in love with them. I still like my clear mini lights but since we traded them in for these at the annual light exchanges I have to live with them.
 One of my favourite tree ornaments is this little old fashion Santa I bought years ago in Halifax at a Christmas Shop in the Historic Properties.
 I often fill items around the house with colorful glass balls for Christmas. This is a piece of Nova Scotia Glass.

 I love this Santa more than any others I own. He belonged  to my Grandmother and is a candle with  a paper face.

A piece I did a number of years ago when I ran my own business. Basically I designed and painted Christmas 12 months of the year. Old world Santa's were always my favourite to do.

While I write the blog mostly for myself, I know there are those of you out there who enjoy reading it and I like sharing it with you all. What I write comes quickly from my mind to my fingertips some mornings, yes sometimes there are typos, grammatical mistakes, etc. but guess what, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not writing this for resale.  However, it appears there is one person who feels the need to police how and what I write. Well sir maybe you shouldn't bother to waste your time reading my dribble. I have no time for rudeness or arrogance.
Sorry for the rant this morning, but I decided it had to be. I'm ready for another coffee and a little me time before the day gets rolling. For those of you travelling to family, be safe. Enjoy your day!

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  1. From your "heart & soul to your fingertips" and I am sorry but there is actually no spell check and grammar correct for the heart!!! Do not change a thing and never apologize ....I would not change a thing. the only thing I am a tad bit upset about this morning is the fact that you are a mini Martha Stewart!!!! Nice decorations...very festive!!! Go get a coffee...I am into work and have left the grand puppies home :) Merry Christmas and thank you for providing me with an interesting and inspiring read and beautiful photos each morning <3