Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 357 - 23rd December 2012 - Decorations, Bark, Ferns and Ducks

Saturday...temperature is +8.2, not bad for this time of year for sure. Seems that the rain has stopped, lets hope so. Off to town this morning, for what I hope will be my last trip to a store for a week and I'm betting it will be nuts. I don't need much, got the bulk of my groceries last week, a few more stocking stuffers and that should just about be it. I'm thinking optimistic that all will go smoothly and I will remain calm not frazzled at the end of it. Larry has to check in about our lobsters and go to Gunning Cove to pick those up. Around supper time we've got to go to a little wedding get together for a couple we know who are getting married this afternoon. Best of Luck! So it's going to be a day on the road. One of those trips I'll do a few gift deliveries as well.
Weather remained overcast most all day, the sunrise was  bright red in the morning. I should have gone taken some photos but was in the middle of something so opted out. You know the old saying "red sun at night sailors delight, red sun at dawn sailors be warned". Lexi and I got out around the neighbourhood, stopped and visited with Lois for a few minutes and got some work done around the house. Oh forgot - for some reason I must have been tired, laid down and slept for almost 2 hours, that's quite a nap.  It started raining and blowing hard just before supper. Lasagna for supper and a lazy evening in front of the tv.
 The neighbours have finished decorating their gate.
 They always put something fun and festive out.
 A little bit of birch bark peeling away.
 Was really surprised to see some green ferns still hanging on, not sure how I missed them before.
 Lexi brought the ducks in.
 Once the realize it's her they aren't bothered. Although she's not a duck dog, but I guess a herding dog can herd anything.
They get tired and start to move off.

Time to get a list ready for town. Enjoy your day!

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