Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 364 - 28th December 2012 - Snow, Rain and Birds

Still raining this morning but the temperature has gone up to +4.9 and the wind doesn't sound like it's blowing as hard. Another too early morning as well. The end of the week again, need to run in town and pick up a few things for tomorrow's supper with  some of Larry's family. Have a ham in the freezer which I'll cook and it will be a nice change from the turkey and lobster most everyone has been eating this week. Hardship meals of the southshore - HA!HA! Think I'll make a Death by Chocolate Trifle, sure the nephews will enjoy that and I can put it together either this evening or tomorrow morning. Hopefully the weather will clear later today and I can get out for a walk, feeling a bit sluggish after little activity yesterday... and I'm missing those damn exercise classes (but don't tell Cindy).
Yesterday was a good day for inside things and a long nap on the sofa with Lexi.  Well I did do some laundry and stuff around the house first. Also spent several hours cleaning off some of my laptop, time to start moving some photos to other storage units, I did manage to get January and part of February from this year moved and some office work product to disks. It was fun watching the birds at the feeder even though the weather was miserable. Umm... thinking I need another feeder now.
 Not great photos but I did have a little action at my new feeder. An Evening Grosbeak who decided it made a good shelter from the storm.
 Hard to get good shots through the kitchen window in a snow/ice storm. Chickadees were in and out most of the day.

 A single rosehip left from warmer days.
I suppose I should have cut these down last fall but I rather like the looks of them covered in snow throughout the winter. Adds a little interest to the yard.

Time to make a grocery list and have another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Sounds like a good day for a nap....everyone must have been napping lol nice photos. I am in to work not there is much to do this week has been a tad bit of a write off and I suppose to be expected :) Have an awesome day I am looking forward to Dad visiting tomorrow.