Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 354 - 19th December 2012 - More Sunrises and Sunsets

Well it's Wednesday and my town day. Would really rather stay home. I can hear the rain and wind this morning, temperature is +6.5. Got lots and lots to do today and nothing I dislike more than running around doing errands in winter rain - it's so cold and miserable. The forecast is for rain changing to snow this evening, that sounds like lots of fun too [not] and more rain the rest of the week. I can see some flooding being an issue in areas. Our basement will take on a little bit of water enough that the bottom of your feet will probably be wet but not much more, I hope. We are between two lake but not close enough to either to be a big problem. Some newer homes are built to near, but folks who build our house about 150 years ago knew better. Nice to have water close but not too close.
Some more shopping yesterday and then homeward bound. So it was a great trip - good company, shopping and lots of giggles. Sometimes it's just nice to get away for 24 hours and not have to worry about anything and that's what I did. We were lucky and didn't run into the rain until around Lunenburg. Stopped and had a great meal at the "Happy Cooker" which is right around the Mahone Bay/Blockhouse area on the highway. Their Haddock burger platter was fabulous, nice big piece of fish with just the right about of fries. Back to reality and home by 4 pm. Spent the evening packing up a few more tins, etc. for delivery on Wednesday. A miserable evening for weather - they have predicted 40-50 mm for the next 24 hours - build the boat Noah! So no new photos, diving back into the collection for those.
Just a glimmer of the sun rising behind the island.
Pink and cloudy.
Sunsets are nice this time of year.
A little fast water on the river.
This will certainly rise over the next few days.

Time to get things ready and go to town. Enjoy your day!

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  1. I am town bound as well like you would have loved to stay home today. I am however going to have a productive day if it kills me....or I have to kill someone. I wonder if I could blame my psyciopathic(spelling?) ways on an elf on the shelf. Probably not as there are RCMP officers who do not know what they are and even more so what they are capable of. ;)