Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 361 - 26th December 2012 - Lexi, Ice and A new Bird Feeder

Another too early morning, wish this would break soon or at least go back to a couple mornings/week instead of every morning. Temperature is -3.6, guessing there will be a little more ice in the lake today. No great plans for today, maybe a little visiting or I have a real urge to go find a big beach to roam on with the cameras. Larry's never hard to convince and we could pack some lobster sandwiches [my favourite way to eat lobster] and take off for a few hours.  Hard to say what the day will bring.
Once again we had a wonderful Christmas day filled with love and family. Larry, Lexi and I received lovely gifts, including several books - a new one on birds and one on identifying mushrooms for me and the Old Farmer's Almanac for Larry.  I almost forgot - I got my hat and warm knit gloves for those cold sun rise mornings! Bring it on! We had breakfast at my Mom and Dad's, watched them open their gifts, then back home for a walk and a nap. Turkey supper with all the trimmings including plum pudding with hard sauce at Mom and Dad's for supper. After doing up the dishes I walked a couple of blocks in hopes of shifting the great meal Mom had prepared but in the end I really needed my pj's with the elastic waist. Ah the joys of Christmas - it's all about the food and family.
 Lexi was impatiently waiting for help with her stocking.
 And she gets right into the unwrapping. A new stuffed squeaky reindeer.
 The cold temperatures over night brought forth a bit of ice in the coves of the lake and ditches.

 Larry putting out the new bird feeder he made me for Christmas.
 And of course I got bird seed too, now to wait for the birds to come.
 Well there was a Robin near by.
Walking down John Street toward Dock Street after supper the lights were coming on.

The harbour was very calm.

The moon is beginning to fill, I think it's full on Friday night.

I am blessed with a wonderful family and true friends both near and far. Enjoy your day!


  1. Merry Christmas Kim! Glad you had a great day! Thank you again for the tin of treats. Enjoyed immensely!

  2. So we finally got home ....we met a flat tire this morning as we were leaving lol..needless to say it was all my fault lol pumped her up and came right home....Dad is coming up on Saturday so he understood us wanting to come right home. Great supper at Jacki & Shanes turkey, salt meat and all the fixings....we are off to Dennas for corned beef hash which is another one of those traditions. Like you I think pj's and or elastic waisted pants should be fashionable during the holiday season. Perhaps we will make this a law :) Off soon so will check in on you later but think you may be to bed early lol that was another early morning MISS!!! :)