Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 356 - 21st December 2012 - A dusting of Snow, Lexi , Wreath and Leaves

Sure wish I could stay in bed until 5-5:30 am, would make for a much better day. Temperature is -0.1 this morning, roads could be slippery. I guess today I better pick up where I left of yesterday with getting the house sorted back out again and I need to make a list of what I want in town tomorrow.
Lots done yesterday including a few walks around the neighborhood. Thank goodness the weather was decent for a change but now we have a rainfall warning in effect once again. Blah! Exercise class last night and we all brought munchies and had a little get together after. Good thing Cindy worked us hard before we ate as everyone had really tasty things, dips, cheese balls, sweets, etc.
Time for Grandmother's Journal:
20th December 1973 - Overcast and cold. All around us snow and very miserable (Toronto, Montreal). Lovely here, milder tonight. To school for kids programme. Mike and Sid in singing and chorus. Kids cute. Overcast tonight. Milder. No rain yet. 12 o'clock. 
21st December 1973 - Good morning in store. Overcast and light showers. High winds, Bob stayed home today. 
22nd December 1973 - Overcast high winds at times. Snow flurries just a dust. Bob & Bobbie to M.C. Home early. Bob and I drove to  Upper Ohio. They were glad to see us. Miss Jim. 

 Snow capped trees up the lake.
 The sun was trying to break through.
 A bubble or two close to shore.
 The snow showed up in a few places but didn't seem to stick everywhere.
 One of the neighbors has finally got his wreaths out.
 A few oak leaves still hanging on.
Never quite sure what she has on her mind sometimes.

Time for another coffee and get things started. Enjoy  your day!

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  1. Awwwww Grandmother's journal right on "q" lol....we probably do not want to know what is on Princess Lexi's mind ......Have an awesome day I would type more but a friend sent some goodies and I am too busy eating this wonderful concoction to talk to you <3 thanks Big Sista