Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 366 - 30th December 2012 - Max, Ice and A Blue Jay

I slept in! RAH! made it until 5 am and as you can tell I still have Internet. Sounds pretty wild outside though but I don't see as much snow as I expected looks like we got snow and ice pellets so far. I'm really disappointed. Temperature is +0.2 so I guess it could do anything.  I even did most of this last night and set it to post at 6:30 am just in case of power loss. Maybe I got over prepared! Guess the tree will come down today, sounds like a good project for miserable weather.
I've been thinking that since we are coming to the end of another year with a new one approaching very quickly it's time to think about resolutions. I know, everyone does the New Years Resolutions and before the end of the month we've all forgotten or broken them. Truthfully, the last few years I haven't bothered but this year will be different. I say that with great sincerity...we'll see. I think the secret is to set goals that you can achieve and a few that you really have to work at, maybe they are long term, maybe something that's attainable in the short term. So here goes the first few:
1. Long term - keep the Blog going - it's become part of my morning ritual so should be easy to attain.
2. Improve my photography skills - practice makes perfect - right.
3. Keep up the exercise classes and drop a few pounds - now this ones a little more difficult since I have a huge stash of chocolates but maybe instead of eating them all at once I dole them out a few at a time.
4. Camp out and spend the whole weekend at Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women and Song. This takes place in July in Lockeport. A couple of my best friends [sistas] and I are planning a girls weekend in the mini home to enjoy the weekend of music. It should be a blast!
5. Try some of Darrell's recipes from his blog: He always has great ideas for tasty meals, baking, not to mention liquor making!
Had a great evening with some of the family. Nice to see the boys. All ready for the storm - lights, radio, etc.

 This is Max looks like he's on the prowl.
By the looks of his belly, I'd say it's a good thing he's out for a walk.

The ditches froze back over last night.
Fungi of some sort, maybe.
 Very cool the way this has frozen -looks like the eye of a storm.

I was playing around with some photo effects.
There is just something about ice that I find so neat.
Little drops are frozen around the base of the twigs.
Waiting for the storm.
I keep telling Larry that this bird feeder he built is more like a bird house, the bigger birds just settle in for a nap.

Stay warm and cozy inside! Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well my turbo stick wont work do it is this stupid bb TO trás my blog. Ughhh. I think Max is on his Way TO exercise class lol. I AM not one for resolutions but realistic expectations. So it is a tri axle dump trailer parked beneatH the bedroom and the room shall be cleaned ughh i have 12 months to do it. Just have to find a truck to bring the trailer. Nasty here by the water. Keep warm and dry harmony bizarre might never be the same :)