Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 338 - 3rd December 2012 - Laptop Issues

What an awesome time we had in Yarmouth yesterday. Lots of shopping - got that list pretty well finished, laughs and good companionship. Weather stayed mild and pretty good until we were almost done. Since I was gone all day (we left at 8:30am and got home at 6:00pm) I didn't get a chance for new pictures so will have to delve back through some I took quite a while ago. It turned into a really nasty night with the lap top. Spent 2 hours on the phone running back and forth doing tests to see if it was the internet, we determined it wasn't. Of course I use a router for the laptop and they wanted it plugged into the connection - this is all in a different room from the phone. Now I must admit that the ones I've had with eastlink on this excursion have been outstanding, yes I'll give credit where it's due. Ended up with their technician coming through remotely, I finally had to go to bed but started off again at 4:30am! Being smarter in the morning than evening I checked to see if this old desktop was running ok on the internet and router - yup we are good so it's definitely the laptop - Grrr!
Today's plans if I ever get the computer issues sorted out without tossing it out a window are to sort out my shopping from yesterday and start with the baking.
I'm not sure if these are my pics or Larry's, I don't have many on this pc and they all look to be days of warmer weather!

I like this hole through the tree stump, like a secret window.

The lake on a warmer day - will be a while before we see those days again.

Nice to remember some greens and flowers, another 6 months and we will see them again.

Sorry this is about all I can manage this morning, have a technician roaming through my laptop and this is it for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
Enjoy your day!