Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 352 - 17th December 2012 - Snow, Ice and Shadows

So I'm off to the city this morning and just how crazy will that place be - better today than on a weekend. Still none too warm with the temperature at -5, I think it's suppose to warm up some to at least +2. It will be nice to get away for a day and not have to think about things, then when I get back I'll have to hit it hard and get things finished up around here for Christmas. Only a week away. If I have one good day I can buzz around and complete all those half done jobs on my list.
I felt manic or panic yesterday not sure which, but I got everything done on my list and managed a nice soak in the tub in the afternoon with my book. Roast chicken for supper - leftovers for Larry on Monday night. He's still suffering with a cold but will be a good fellow and carry on. Tree is all decorated, decided that I had enough decorations out so the rest went back in the closet. I have so much that maybe it's a good idea to alternate things from year to year. Packed my suitcase, did numerous loads of laundry [must be that elf on a shelf creature who keeps dirtying the clothes]. Went for a nice quiet walk by myself in the afternoon just to chill out and re-coup my mind. It did the trick. A lazy evening in front of the television and an early night to bed.
Shadow of the neighbour's mailbox.
Some creature had been walking on the ice in the ditch.
Guess he might have been a bit too heavy or hit a weak spot.
A plane flies overhead in the clear blue sky.
Lots of shadows through the road.
More shadows where the water had flooded and froze along the private road.
A few shadows on the ice, but mostly open water.

Another coffee and time to get cracking. Enjoy your day!

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  1. That silly elf does the same at my house and I believe it is responsible for the odd socks. ;) I am up and at it .....