Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 363 - 27th December 2012 - Boxing Day trip to the Beach

Thursday and most people will be heading back to work, seems the holidays went by quickly. We spend so much time getting ready and then like a flash they are over. Larry's home until Monday so we still have a few days together. Temperature is -0.9 and I slept in until 4:40 am, a whole extra hour.  Sounds like we are in for one messy day. Apparently at our end of the province we are starting with snow/ice pellets [nothing happening yet] then it will probably change over to lots and lots of rain and high winds. Most of the rain/wind will take place this evening. Time will tell, but it sounds like an inside kind of day to me. Guess I better check into my "war chest" as I like to call it - has extra batteries, lamps, candles etc for power outages. Just in case...
Boxing day was a nice relaxing day. Weather was good - a little overcast in the morning but overall fine and not too cold. Larry and Lexi worked in the wood pile all morning and I hung out in the house. Well Lexi got in trouble - normally she steals Larry's gloves, hats and slippers but never does anything to them until yesterday she decided one of his gloves should be shredded, needless to say they weren't on good terms for quite a while. He never really stays mad at her for any length of time, thank goodness. We headed to the beach after lunch, ate our lobster sandwiches before going. For some reason I couldn't convince him it was a good day for a picnic! Tried out my new hat and gloves - work like a charm - warm ears and fingers!  More lobster for supper - just fried up with some butter, creamy mashed potatoes and peas from the garden [last summer of course and frozen]. Friends arrived in the evening for a visit and drink.
 Not normally a beach kind of dog, Lexi sure had a great time.
 This is a girl who slept well last night after all the exercise.
 Running and racing up and down the beach between Larry and I.

 Checking out the boats that were coming in.
 And every time I looked there was a different one going by. We must have gone just about the time they lobster boats were heading into the wharf from their day out fishing.
 I like the designs in the sand the water leaves when the tide goes out.
Not a trip to the beach without a little seaweed.

Time for another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Beautiful photos of Princess Lexi...Ican't believe she would shred a glove are you sure that one of the neighborus didn't have an Elf on the Shelf that was headed back to the North Pole and stopped to wreck some havoc!!!! hzave an awesome day :)