Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 355 - 20th December 2012 - Sunrises, Ducks and Chickadees

I'm up way too early this morning, but that's my own fault. I was tired and cold last night so went to bed earlier than normal. Maybe Lexi and I will try for a nap this afternoon and get me sorted back out again. Please tell me it's not going to rain again today, although we did get a bit of snow last evening. Temperature is 0.8 so it could probably go either way. I've got to spend  a couple of hours whipping this place back into shape again, doing laundry etc. Have some more tins that need to be packed up for delivery tomorrow and Saturday then I think I'm done with that part of the season. I better check out Larry and Lexi's stockings to make sure I have enough to fill them. Ok, so I'm not seeing a lot of nap time but once I get in motion things will move fast...I hope. Exercise class tonight and then a little social after Cindy works us to a breaking point. That's something to look forward to. HA!HA!
So Wednesday passed - thank goodness. I truly hate wet Wednesdays. I was wet most of the day - there were 2 runs to the post office, 1 to the garage to pay a bill, the insurance office to pay a bill, the bank, the bookstore, lunch... got the idea. I usually enjoy running around doing errands and things in town but not in the rain this time of year - cold and miserable. And I'm thinking I've caught the "man cold", seems I'm doing a fair amount of sniffling, but like any good woman I don't have the time to put up with it, too much to do. I think I'm ranting too much. According to the Mayan calender the world ends on the 21st but have faith the Oreo cookie says no. Well with all that rain I didn't get anywhere with the camera, am beginning to go through withdrawal, so back into the collection I go.
 I always find sun rises a comfort - a new day begins.
A little mist rising off the early morning lake.

The faithful ducks, will miss them in the lake once it freezes over. They tend to stay in the river more, then.
Catching lunch at the feeder.

Time to see how bad Susan is beating me in Scrabble. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love the photo of the mist over the lake....magical. It is going t obe a busy day but unlike you when I woke up early I refused to get up....I was bone weary and mentally exhausted so I laid there and would not get up until after 7....not sure if that made me feel any better!!!! Have a good productive day and give your eyeballs a little mugup when you can!!!!