Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 342 - 7th December 2012 - Leaves and Woodpeckers

Up too early, seem to be back to 4-4:30 am again. Stars are all out and I can see a crescent of a moon. Very clear and crisp with a temperature of -6.3 but should rise above 0 today. I'll be back in the kitchen again  but really need to try and finish off the decorating so I can put the boxes back in the closet rather than have them cluttering up the hallway and library. Have you ever thought about something and then a split second later it happened? Well that was me and the eagle brand milk can yesterday. Yup, was washing the dishes, thought - better not cut myself on this can - slice - almost as fast as the idea came into my mind. Right on the outside of my baby finger, unfortunately it cut a little deeper than it should have but being my baby finger doesn't effect my baking. Antibiotic cream and a band aid, but I notice it must have bleed again during the night and does hurt still. Oh well no time to worry about that, it should heal up in a day or two.
A fine but cold day yesterday. Spent most of it in the kitchen - surprise, surprise this time of year. I felt like all I did was roll, wrap and dip. I finished another 4 doz liquored up cherries, 6 doz truffles rolled [dipping today] 3 1/2 doz cherry balls, 4 doz peanut butter balls. I really need to move on to another theme. Thank goodness Lexi needs a walk once in a while otherwise I wouldn't be able to move, although I'm sure after that workout last night I won't be able to. I was right woke up this morning with my right shoulder throbbing - ah - what muscles did I use last night!!! Almost forgot, tidied up the house, cooked a roast and had company for supper.
These leaves don't seem to want to drop.
I have no idea what this is, but it was the only thing on the branches.

I like these - they add a bit of color to an otherwise dull landscape.
The Woodpeckers were happy to have some lunch.
I think he was posing for me.

Well time for some "me" time before getting things started. Enjoy your day!


  1. I bet the roast was delicious and the supper guests enjoyed the meal and company. First night with the gramdpuppies all went well. They have a routine and I can understand how evening exams etc... Would disrupt that. I think one barked s few times but that could have been the couple of deer who walked by late evening looking for carrots lol. Getting myself ready for work and home early to let the lads out to play. I have a few decorations left to put up but feel pretty good. Not sure if decorationg the tree is a good idea with house guests as they like to eat various unusual items. You have a poroductive day and keep an eye on the other phalanges ;) oh by the way the geese were not impressed with the outside play of three dogs at 11pm I could have sworn I heard them say "wtf those humans are usually in bed and that black creature is way past her bedtime" ;)

  2. sorry about the typos lol this stupid blackberry does not play nice