Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 353 - 18th December 2012 -

Up early as usual - I hate that when I stay at some one's house, but things came alive pretty quickly. Sherri had to take her husband to his truck since he's working in this area, the dogs came to and demanded breakfast. So all the activity made the blog a tad bit late, not to mention I'd forgotten to get the internet password from Shane last night and instructions on how to make coffee in those fancy machines. Nice and mild this morning but windy, they are giving lots of rain for the south shore today - will be a wet drive home. But first we are heading off shopping again!
Had a good day yesterday and more to come. Took off about 8 am and were city bound. Great travelling weather, made a drop off at the Archives with treats for those folks, then on to my favourite place in the city - The Waverley Inn to drop off more treats. Christina was kind enough to let me take Sherri through some of  the wonderful rooms that they offer guests. So Sherri fell instantly in love with the rooms, decor and the people at the Inn. And the Christmas decorations are to die for, I think Calvin has out done himself again this year. Over to Jacki and Shane's to drop off luggage, collect Jacki and head out shopping. And boy did we shop, great supper at Boston Pizza and back around 9 pm to chill. Almost forgot the highlight of giggle evening. On the way back from supper we got stopped at a RCMP road block. They were out doing there usually 0 tolerance drinking/driving. We assured the officer that we were fine, but there are no boy ELF on a shelf left [apparently he has no children or knows the latest craze]. As we drove off we heard him holler down to another officer "What's an Elf on a Shelf" - oh the giggles that came out of us!
No photos of the city, you'll have to be content with some leftover from Sunday.
Too cold to enjoy the chairs and lake.

 Snow and Ice.
 Of course it's not really frozen well, lots of  "wet" patches.
 The snow sparkles in the sun.
 I love the blue shadows of the trees on the snowy lake.
 It's only frozen in the cove, still cold running water further out.
Looks like a beaver stick on the rock in the lake.

Now for another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Oh that elf on the shelf...we could have pulled over and showed him one "NOT" that creepy thing was staying in the bag ;)