Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 344 - 9th December 2012 - Chickadeeds, Woodpeckers and Grasses

Another mild morning, temperature is +8.8. I know I've said it before but hard to believe it's December. Suppose to be a decent day then rain for another few. Need to  take advantage and get out a bit, Larry and Lexi will go in search of a tree. She love having a good run through the woods. So my back is feeling somewhat better, no racking spasms. I can still feel a bit of soreness but will be able to get something done today. Key words - pace myself!
So I blew Saturday all together. I did manage to go shopping and it was one of those days I was glad that we have a small mall or I don't think I'd have gotten from one end to the other. My back was in total agony. This is not the time of year to be laid up, in January I could take a couple of days to recoup, but right now it's got to improve and fast. I decided to give it the day. Lexi and I got comfy on the sofa [not bad so long as I got in one position and didn't move] and napped for a while. After supper I soaked in the tub again, put some more muscle rub on and took another muscle/back relaxer. However, if memory serves me right when I started the major Christmas baking last year it hit me but not quite this bad. I think the problem is standing in one spot rolling, wrapping and dipping. Once I move to cookies it's not so bad, a little more motion involved for those.
 There is always one or two Chickadee's on top of Lois' Wisteria trellis.

I like these grasses throughout the various seasons.

There are still a few mushrooms in the woods. I see some have been caught by the frost and turned black.

One on each feeder.

Rather short this morning, but hopefully tomorrow I have something more interesting! Enjoy your day!

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